What Is Turkish Hammam Steam Bath?


In this article we will talk about the Turkish bath “Hammam”. What is a hammam and why you should try this particular, a traditional Turkish bath on arrival in Turkey. Let’s deal…

History of Turkish hammam

Generally, the name “hammam” is derived from the Arabic word “ham” – which means hot. The idea was borrowed from the Romans, who were “terms.” Turkish baths used since ancient times popular. Gradually hiking Hammam overgrown with all sorts of rituals and traditions, and that can now be seen in modern baths. Much attention was paid to decoration and material baths. It’s safe to say that the Turkish hammam is not like any kind of bath. It has its own nuances and charms, which you can read below.


What awaits you in the hammam

Let me briefly describe to you, the procedures that should be expected in the hammam and we tried the hard way.


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Before you go through the main procedure, which is the secret weapon of the hammam, you will be taken to the small steam room, where are you staying for 10-15 minutes. What does it do? It’s simple. This preparatory period, reveals all your pores and prepares your body to pilling special mitt horsehair. By the way, they are sold in Turkey in composition, which includes these special rough gloves and great olive oil soap, so you now know that you can bring from Turkey . The temperature in the sauna is not large, so do not be afraid for health.

The main hall

It is the center and most of the procedures in the hammam. You will be taken to a large room, usually round, where in the middle is a large marble stone heated to a warm state. First, you will be accommodated on a marble stone where the pleasant temperature of the heated stone will help you relax. Then, the person who will serve you, put on a special mitt to scrub and start wiping you from head to toe. After this procedure, you will feel like a baby. Then, by combining the different temperature regimes of water, your assistant drench you, leaving your head by cold water.


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After the foam procedures, it is time to water enjoyment. You dive into the small pool where the water leads its hydro blows your muscles in tone. Cool water will refresh you and you will feel an incredible burst of energy. After this, you can at least in battle.



Enjoy all this, you will call 20-30 minutes to pass a small massage course where experienced masseurs easily find all your “sore.”
Total all of these activities last about an hour and a half , after which you will feel like a new person and will flutter over the earth like a butterfly. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting a Turkish bath hammam and you will not regret it, you’ll see.

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